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2013 International Robot Olymiad Cometition

2013 IROC Competition

Denver, CO

December 16 - 19, 2013

The International Robot Olympiad (IRO) is a science, technology and education event aimed at offering young kids an opportunity to expand their horizons by designing and building robot models and experiencing the robot world.

The participants can include over 1000 students, academics, researchers and developers in the areas of Robotics, IT and Education, from all around the world.

Enrollment Deadline

The enrollment deadline to compete in the International Robot Olympiad is November 15th, 2013 - info@ameribotics.org



If you are interested in attending the IRO 2013 in Denver as a spectator, please reserve your Free Tickets online at our IRO 2013 Ticket Reservation Site.

Robots in Agriculture

How robots help provide sustainability for farms of the future.

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